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Drawing: My Ikigai

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

MY ikigai

This is Pratibha here.

I too have a story to share.

This is a very important story because this story changed me. It helped me to find what I actually like.

It's not necessary that talent and creative genius will embrace you the day you are born. Creative Inspiration can hit you anytime and anywhere in your life. 

Back in the year 2018, my friend and I went to an art exhibition just as a way to while our time away. Both of us experienced an amazing rush of admiration for the students who made all the beautiful artworks.

There was an impromptu and session at the same workshop and people were talking about their hobbies and things they were good at.


I realized that I was not sure of anything. I had nothing to say exactly what I am really good at. But after 1 year, I tried my hand at sketching.

I remember that it was a random sketch of a girl and to my surprise, it turned out more beautiful than I had imagined.

I started sketching voraciously since then. A lot of people started appreciating me for the work I was doing.

Somehow I ended up adding lots of artwork into my collection.

This is my story about how I started drawing.

No matter how I am feeling before starting it, I always find myself happy & satisfied after finishing a piece of artwork.
In other words, Sketching and Creating new things is my Ikigai!

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