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How does art increase creativity in adults?

To be creative is to expand the horizons of one’s mind and transcend the rigid boundary of the conventional and merge it with the unconventional.

Art encompasses a visual element that cannot help but compel you to think and imagine how closely it represents reality or doesn’t for that matter.

How does art increase creativity in adults?

Scientists have said that anything that stimulates your creative imagination, which allows you to combine seemingly unconnected ideas and think of novel methods to communicate, is beneficial for you.

Truly, art is for everybody, no matter how good or bad you are at it.

Hope is the thing with feathers


One of the reasons why humans have been creating art since the days of the cavemen is because it allows us to exercise our imaginations.

It could contribute to evolution. Creating art aids us in navigating potential future issues.

Imagine a painting of the apocalypse of the earth on paper.

It might be gruesome and fierce in colors with half the world burning in flames of red and yellow and the other half submerging in the depths of the ocean.

Or alternatively, it might be a whimsical and dark takeover of the earth by zombies or aliens.

Now, you might not think this paints a realistic portrayal of the world all the time or is very hopeful for that matter.

How does art increase creativity in adults?

But it does involve conscious decisions made by the artist about how they view the world, about what sort of problems they see, figuring out how it all works, and interpreting their own version of the world using things they find relatable.

So what our brain is doing every day, every moment, consciously and unconsciously, is trying to imagine what is going to come and preparing ourselves to face that.

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This very process compels a person to imagine possible situations and find hope in whatever they have absorbed from their life and use it to create possible solutions.

After all, hope comes from the little things in life.

Breathe in, Breathe Out

Cortisol is a hormone

When you’re working for your job or studying, there often come times when we get burned out and everything seems too much.

When you exhaust your mind with the same kind of work, it takes a toll on your mind.

A hobby like creating art can help reduce cortisol (cortisol is a hormone that helps the body respond to stress) levels significantly.

Art therapy is an actual thing and has been proved to be quite effective.

So, art not only reduces stress in your body but also makes you more efficient to work and helps you work with a clearer mindset.

The Impact of Social Media

Impact of Social Media

Now that we have social media and a plethora of TV channels available, it has become a lot easier to listen to our inner guidance and to once again enter the realm of art.

When we receive praise and acknowledgment, our creativity increases.

Today, the desire to create any form of art isn't enough; we also need to be ready for the competitive world we live in today.

Maintaining uniqueness and giving the art a contemporary feel is a challenging endeavor that calls for an increasing amount of inventiveness.

After winning their intended audiences, imaginative works gain wings.

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Art and its assertions encourage unity, expand imagination, and state the want to portray uniqueness in both anticipated and unexpected ways.



Creativity is learning through the process of failing multiple times and still not losing the will to create, to truly devote oneself to the work.

Art is a field that accepts people of all ages and backgrounds can freely express themselves and very often, acts as a space to be themselves.

Creativity is an art that helps one in bracing the imperfection by creating new ideas, using the criticism in own stride, striving for excellence, being open to even unsolicited changes, going beyond boundaries, and setting up own examples.

Author and Editor: Diya Mondal

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