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Janmashtami: Celebrating the joy of piety

Janmashtami, one of the world's largest religious festivals, signifies the birth of the Hindu god Krishna.

Popularly known as Laddu Gopal, Kishan Kanhaiya, Nandakumar, or Dwarkadheesh, he has one of the most adorable, mischievous, cheeky, and loving personalities and is considered a romantic lover and a compassionate friend.

Historical significance

Amongst Hindus, especially devotees of Krishna, Janmashtami marks a momentous day. Owing to Murli Manohar's love for butter (Maakhan), his followers honor him by organizing the Dahi Handi tradition every year on this day.

In this ritual, children and adults break a pot filled with curd, butter, buttermilk, or milk while chanting, singing, and enthusiastic dancing as a part of their celebration.

Rasleelas, a zealous tribute

Sri Krishna with his gopis

On this auspicious day, devotees perform Rasleela with zeal to preserve this tradition.

Rasleela is one of the divine activities performed by Sri Krishna with his gopis on the banks of the Yamuna. Because Vrindavan is considered Lord Krishna's birthplace, the city has some of the best Rasleela performances in the country.

Religious rituals and celebrations

Moreover, because of the festival's strong connection to color and vivacious rituals, everyone, especially young girls and boys, make sure to dress to the nines in exquisite clothing that beautifully complements this lively festival blending perfectly with the essence of this auspicious occasion.

The celebrations and decorations on Janmashtami are done to leave an everlasting elegant impression.


As a part of the joyous celebrations, events take the form of kirtan, in which devotees sing the name of the Lord together, and Japa, a more intimate form of a prayer.

Some devotees perform drama and dance, while some prepare a scrumptious feast. Some hang enormous flower garlands and other decorations for the temple, while some dress and decorate Lord Krishna’s deity fondly.


The incense is burned, and the holy scriptures are read. The deities are also bathed in various sacred liquids in a ritual ablution called the Abhisheka. This is done very pompously, often spanning several hours.
krishna and radha

After a day full of worship and zestful celebrations, priests pull apart the curtains to reveal Krishna's freshly dressed deity on an artistically festooned and colored altar at midnight.

As the enthusiasm and anticipation build, a stirring kirtan follows in conjunction with the lively rituals.

Incense sticks, garlands, peacock feathers, turban pieces, flutes, water cups, fruit baskets, offering plates, and aarti sets throng the worship area.

At the same time, the worshippers and devotees don new clothes and jewelry.

Faith and Beliefs

Faith and Beliefs

It is said that, in the transcendental realm, everything that we offer to the Lord lovingly and devotedly will benefit us the same way, indefinitely and indescribably, with our unwavering devotion reaping benefits to us for all of eternity.

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Various practices

Mathura and Vrindavan

People try to recreate and enact Krishna's early attempts to steal butter and curd from earthen pots that were out of his reach in states such as Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Often, they attempt to reach and break a similar earthen pot suspended above the ground in the form of human pyramids. This is a tribute to his mischievous and cheerful ways.

Holiest of places

Mathura and Vrindavan, where Krishna was born, celebrate this event with much zeal and opulence.
Raaslilas, or religious plays, are performed to reenact moments from Lord Krishna's life and to celebrate his love for Radha. These holy locations are where devotees congregate to celebrate Janmashtami.

Homes and temples are beautifully decorated and illuminated on this auspicious day. In northern India, singing and dancing are recognized as festive celebrations.

town of Dwarka

The town of Dwarka, deemed as Krishna's very own land, witnesses hordes of visitors gathering for celebrations.

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Lord Krishna, the reverberance of all things good

Krishna is revered as a leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher, and friend all rolled into one.

Acknowledging each of his worshipper's individual feelings and desires, Krishna heartfully reciprocates personally with His friends, family members, and confidantes. Krishna has influenced Indian thought, life, and culture in myriad ways, ways not fathomable on paper.

Lord Krishna

He has influenced not only the religion and philosophy of the place but also its mysticism and literature, paintings and sculptures, dance and music, and all the other vibrant aspects which comprise Indian folklore to date.

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