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Life and Art

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

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Art is life, no matter how perilous the circumstances are.

It covers all of our difficulties, emotions, questions, decisions, and perspectives. Love, hatred, life, and death.

Every part of mankind, essentially the way we see our surroundings, may be conveyed through art.

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Art is not something that is supposed to be placed in a shrine.

Art actually is an attempt to create a more humane entity, away from the materialistic reality.

Furthermore, a real piece of art is only a reflection of heavenly perfection.

Even those who see art as an ideal and artists as idealists cannot dispute that art is an accurate reflection of life and society.

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The shared tale of life, love, and death is what binds us all together.

Art is significant because it serves as a comprehensive doorway to a more in-depth understanding of humanity and the self.

We may uncover and keep the thrilling mind via art.

Art compels individuals to think beyond what is essential for survival and inspires them to create for the purpose of expression and meaning.

Art may convey information, impact our daily lives, make a social statement, and be appreciated for its aesthetic beauty.

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Consider a world without art.

I don't think most people realize how much of our culture is founded on creativity and innovation.

Without it, we'd still be living in the forests like forest animals.

Think about it, as ridiculous as it may seem.

All of our houses and buildings began as concepts, dreamt up via creative thought.

Anything created by man is an artistic production based on the human mind's imagination.

Life is life, and art is art, but living life artistically is the art of life.

We would not have clothing if it weren't for art, which is very imaginative and meticulously constructed.

We would not have books, and hence no organized education.

We would not have musical expressions such as singing and dance if art did not exist.

Nothing would exist in the absence of art.

Nature gave the world its earliest example of the finest art.

Nature's beauty, with its vibrant hues, stunning sunsets, and wonderful sounds, is what sparked man's creative, artistic side.

Everything we do is only a reflection of the life we live.

Each song and tune we sing is an extension of the songs birds sing to us every morning.

Every color provided by the flowers and foliage serves as an inspiration for us to build on and imitate in our handcrafted items.

We are braided with the arts.

To the best of our knowledge, art has existed throughout human history at all times and in all societies.

When something has that type of permanence in mankind, experts think it has survival properties - that it has something about it that helps humans live more effectively.

Remember that music and dance are also considered arts.

Consider all of the festivities that incorporate those aspects across the world, from the most personal to the most massive, and consider how barren and empty they would be without singing and the rhythmic movement of bodies.

We are braided with the arts.

We are all artists in some fashion.

We fight our battles, love and hate, wonder, and, of course, read the cosmos in our own unique manner.

Life is life, and art is art, but living life artistically is the art of life.

Art is neither a sin nor a virtue; it is neither a distraction nor a privilege.
It is the essence of life.

Author: Akash R. Ekka


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