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Madhubani 101

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Let me tell you a story about how Madhubani is basically a hobby gone global! Everyone is aware of the concept of doodling to pass away time, right?
Well, Madhubani is also a form of whiling time away while waiting for the bread-winner of the house to come back with the day’s earnings.

madhubani border designs

(Intense weather conditions are the only things stopping these women)

Women in the various villages of Bihar and especially, Madhubani, use their spare time to decorate the walls of their houses with beautiful and indigenous patterns. These patterns are drawn with the help of a brush fashioned out of a broomstick and a piece of rag or raw cotton.

The black lines that you see in our drawings are actually the outline of the drawing which the women actually make using special ink. The ink is made out of regular water and the ash that is left after the cooking for the day is done.

dyes making

(Pretty little things can help create amazing dyes)

The colors used in the drawings are all-natural dyes fashioned out of the pigments of the peels of fruits and vegetables.

Sometimes flowers are crushed, mixed with a little bit of water, and voila, a new color is created. This was some knowledge about the actual origin of Madhubani.

How did this humble art form take over the Indian Art industry? How were the natural dyes protected from natural wear and tear? So many questions, right? Stay tuned for more such insightful blog posts

(because questioning puppies are the best)

The Next Blog Post will be about the relationship of Madhubani with nature! Stay tuned. Do show some love. Keep creating! Loads of love,

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