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Masterpieces of Indian Art: Tamil Girls With Her Parrots by S Elayaraja.


S Elayaraja

Art in any form is something magical, something enthralling, something unique, something full of sound in deepening silence.

S ELAYARAJA was an eminent artist known for his realistic paintings. Elayaraja's paintings show his empathy with the surroundings as well as his upbringing.



An artist's impulsion is to draw what he/she imagines as well as what the actual perception is.

But when an artist tends to draw whatever he/she is witnessing in daily life, it's utterly challenging.

Youngest of eleven siblings,Elayaraja grew up with a lot of women around home. The paintings of Elayaraja clearly show his impeccable understanding of their needs, emotions and their sophisticated nature.


S Elayaraja

A girl with all her innate innocence is sitting beside the wall.

A pair of parrots are sitting on the adjacent window.

The backdrop of the wall is an old one but the hue around is so bright, so appealing.

Girl is wearing traditional Tamil half saree with matching bangles in her hand and a tika on her forehead.


The painting is an epitome of beauty, innocence, affection and care.

Abundantly used green colour signifies energetic vibes,sound health,vigor, hope and refreshing nature.

Gold in background is bright, cheerful and traditional and is associated with love, passion, compassion and courage.

Maroon colour is for passion and beauty that evokes both relaxation and creativity.

Paintings of Elayaraja:

Parrots in the painting can be seen as love birds. They are adding elegance in a relatively quiet environment.

The painting shows the soul of the soil,soul of the culture,soul of childhood drifting delicately to maturity.

Soft cognitive side of the artist is evident. It's so lively. Use of warm colours highlights the enthusiasm.

Painting is dated back to 2009 i.e, it's quite modern yet the adore and admiration for the tradition is visible.

Nowadays traditional attire is an indication of an ongoing gala and calmness in the posture of the girl is in fact hinting an elated mind.

Girl in the painting is so nicely portrayed that it seems to start tittle tattle in the very next moment. Actually the innocence in the chattering eyes speaks a lot.


Every painting has a tiny bit of me in it. – Maria Hegedus.

S Elayaraja shot to fame for his natural paintings though his work is often mistaken for a photograph.

Capturing the common people celebrating their little important moments in a sensible way , Elayaraja paintings easily describe minute details.

This painting ' Tamil girl with her parrots ' is soothing in one perspective and in another perspective, the whole scene forces us to think precisely.

The very painting celebrates silence, traditions and life, of course.

Author and Editor: Shalini Priyadarshiny

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