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The Mystique of Tantrik Paintings

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Tantra refers to Hindu and Buddhist esoteric traditions, and the term ‘Tantrik’ denotes the relation to the Tantra Shastra.

Henceforth, as the name suggests, the Tantrik style of Madhubani painting is all about religious texts, characters, and other Tantrik symbols.

Tantrik Paintings

The occultist tone of this style especially distinguishes itself from other art styles. In the Maithili society, most of the festivities are based around Tantra, and for that reason, the wall paintings made on occasions such as weddings, upanayana, and mundan are Tantrik paintings.

The subjects include demonstrations of Maha Kali, Maha Saraswati, Maha Durga, Maha Lakshmi, Maha Ganesh, Panchmukh Shiv, Ardhnaarishwar, and the Guru- Shishya traditions.

NayanaYogini is one of the most popular and holy Tantrik powers in the Maithili society and Madhubani Art.

During weddings, she is painted at all the four corners of the house and her presence is believed to be necessary to fight off the evils and protect the husband and wife from any crisis or distress.

NayanaYogini Tantrik

Krishnanand Jha is one of the most renowned artists in the field of Tantrik paintings.

His father and grandfather were Tantra practitioners, and when he couldn’t find a job after his graduation, he gave up on his degree and began his journey to be a painter.

His works mostly consist of drawings and paintings of individual tantric Gods and Goddesses, Chhinnamasta being his family Goddes.

His most remarkable pieces include Anand Bhairav, The Tantric Guru, Kundalini Yoga, and The Trimurti among other powerful Mahavidya Paintings.

Anand Bhairav, The Tantric Guru, Kundalini Yoga, and The Trimurti

This unique and magnificent style of painting has successfully left art enthusiasts in awe throughout the course of time and has been powerfully embracing the strength of faith in spirituality.

Author: Pratichi Rai

Editor: Rachita Biswas

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