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Travel and its influence on Art

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page ."                                         - Saint Augustine 

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The ability to grow is a concept that is continuously sought at all stages of life.

We discover new talents and capacities, delight, one-of-a-kind challenges, connection, and love as we develop.

So, where do we obtain this notion of growth?

Outside of our comfort zone is the only place we can be.

The good news is that growth may occur everywhere, what is even better is that it occurs at an exponential pace while we are TRAVELING!

Travel is an eye-opening experience that provides a new perspective and a fresh outlook on the world around us.

It draws on different cultures and surroundings to push art and creativity to new heights. Traveling may not only be a source of inspiration, but it can also assist in unlocking the inner artist that lives within each of us.

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Art and travel aren't diametrically opposed; in fact, they share certain key connecting points.

Traveling to places allows you to learn from masterpieces; the experience of experiencing an art form that you've read about in books cannot be articulated. 

One can represent the entire world from their own point of view.

Without photography or social media, explorers utilized drawing and painting to chronicle locations in past centuries.

They used talent and an adept eye for detail to recreate images they had seen on their journeys - to bring back and present to family, friends, and others who could not go.

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They share a picture of the world through the lens of the viewer.

The various places they visit and how that place made them feel bring about the artist's expression in the form of art.

Art can also be viewed as a means of expressing one's own culture. 
The artist's work is a mirror of what is going on in their thoughts. 

Discovering real art in a culture is a component of tourism and travel.

It tells the story of the land through the people who have lived there through art and helps us understand more about the place.

Travel art is much more than just a representation of a location.

A painting is said to be worth a thousand words.
They not only serve as a doorway for us to see another side of a location, but they also serve as a personal remembrance that is far more intimate than a photograph could ever be. Going overseas may provide you with many benefits, including new friends, new experiences, new tales, and, of course, a fresh outlook on life.

A painting is said to be worth a thousand words.

Traveling to another nation, though, may have another benefit; according to some experts, it might also make you more creative.

Travel entails more than simply getting there.

It is a psychological event.

It needs motivation and creativity.

It all starts in childhood, with shaky first steps and an imagination fueled by tales of "long, long ago in a faraway place."

We emerge from our childhood dreams resolved to traverse the oceans, to discover those foreign places, the people they contain, and the enchantment they carry.

Determined to find the experiences they offer and the potential of returning triumphantly with trophies after conquering all fear, overcoming all hurdles, and living happily ever after. All of this fueled by an artistic sense of comprehending the journey and then expressing it in the form of art, be it of any kind, is what human nature is all about. 

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Viewing the whole world and appreciating its beauty shows how truly art and travel are connected.

Thus, in general, we should all devote more time and attention to art and individual expression of ideas when traveling since it is a different but direct approach to uncover the beauty of the culture in the country or a place we are visiting.

Author: Akash R. Ekka

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