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The line art was the usual style for illustrations to be used in print publications until the introduction of photography and halftones. Stippling or hatching might be used to imitate several tones of grey.

The line is one of the most basic components of art.

A line's ability to denote the boundary of a three-dimensional form or a two-dimensional (flat) shape is a crucial characteristic.

An outline can be used to represent a shape, and contour lines can be used to represent a three-dimensional form.

Drawings with numerous (few) consistent widths or with widths that may change at will are emphasized in line art (as in brushwork or engraving).

Line art can be a caricature, cartoon, ideograph, or glyph, or it can lean toward realism (as in most of Gustave Doré's work).

In this particular handmade canvas wall art, the artist emphasizes the multitude of veins in the leaves of a plant.

Its intricate detailing and meticulous beauty are something that leaves the viewer astonished.

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Is it a print?:- No
Dimensions:- 30 cm x 21 cm
Framed or not:- Framed with Acrylic Sheet

leaves line art handmade black canvas wall art home decor original design

PriceFrom ₹1,216.35
  • This painting has been made using the following materials:

    • Artist-Grade Handmade Black Canvas
    • Artist-Grade Ink Shades
    • Basic stationery
      (Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, etc.)
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