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Paintings of the sea have always been prized by collectors, and they are still among the most sought-after subjects today.

Their success is ascribed to many reasons: they speak a common language, they celebrate the majesty of the natural world, and they are frequently just plain gorgeous.

A traditional seascape is unassuming yet adaptable, requiring minimal explanation from the observer while nevertheless being able to convey a nuanced message.

The market is flooded with seascapes from different ages and countless styles because of their enduring popularity.

In these particular acrylic canvas paintings, the artist emphasizes the various shades of the sea and makes one contemplate. Its intricate detailing and meticulous beauty are something that leaves the viewer astonished.

Buy paintings online in our art shop as this handmade art online will add mesmerizing canvas paintings to your pop painting collection and support Indian artists.

It might even serve as a great painting gift you found online shopping for your friends Pop paintings, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, and other wall decors might look amazingly exquisite for gifting to your friends or relatives.

It’s a unique piece of art that will add a touch of authenticity and culture to your home or office space.

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Dimensions:- 7 inches x 7 inches 
The coasters are sealed with varnish on top, making them strong, durable, sturdy, and easy to clean and maintain.

Mini Seascape Acrylic Canvas Paintings ORIGINAL WORK (Set of 4)

₹745.00 Regular Price
₹633.25Sale Price
  • This set of mini canvas paintings has been made using the following materials:

    • Artist-Grade Acrylic Paints
    • Hardboard Artist-Grade Textured Mini Canvas
    • Fineliners and Ink
    • Varnish to seal the product
    • Basic stationery
      (Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, etc.)
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