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According to Feng Shui and Vastu, keeping paintings of Lord Buddha increase the flow of energy and bring prosperity and great fortune. This presence of Buddha painting spread energy in your home and ensures that there is a balance of harmony, joy, and wealth. Buddha Paintings are also a symbol of innocence and bliss.

Placing a Buddha Painting in your home or office can greatly reduce stress and induce a more relaxed mindset, helping you tackle problems without stress.

Is it a print?:- No
Dimensions:- 45 cm x 35 cm
Framed or not:- Not Framed

Peaceful Calm Buddha Acrylic Canvas Painting Wall Decor original design

PriceFrom ₹4,741.30
  • This painting has been made using the following materials:

    • Artist-Grade Hardboard Canvas
    • Artist-Grade Acrylic Color Shades
    • Varnish by Little Birdie for setting
    • Artist-Grade Fineliners
    • Basic stationery
      (Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, etc.)
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