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Freshly brewed coffee and pouring rain, the combination that perfectly blends with the likes of me.

Hi, I am Akash Rupam Ekka, a Sophomore Computer Science student at BIT Mesra, Ranchi raging to make an impact on everything and everyone around me.

With a diabolical persona, I love to interact with people of all kinds. An avid reader, an astute writer, a staunch binge watcher and an all lover of art, these are the key features that make me who I am.

Luckily popbaani is a haven I've found for myself, a home that I could never go away from, a family that has fledged me, a company that brings the best out of me. As a content writer, and now editor, the path that I've followed has been the dreamiest and smoothest with the best of colleagues I got to learn the best of things and am hoping for the same in the future as well.

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