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Diwali Products

Let's get ready for Diwali!

Khushiyans are just around the corner! 

Hampers worth Rs. 199/- only

Add to the joy of the festival of lights by making your Diwali night twice as charming.

Save on expenses by buying our readymade hampers with handmade products within Rs. 199 only!

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Our Products

Festival of new beginnings, the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness:
Diwali is here!

Without worshipping our beloved gods and goddesses and decorating our house, no festival feels complete.

Here are our décor items and lovely frames to add some flair to your Diwali.

We have pre-made hampers starting from Rs. 199/- only.
If you are confused, you can always customize and create your own hamper!

Diwali Lights

Make your Selection!


Option 1:

Envelopes + Cards + Flowers


Option 4:

Envelopes + Cards + Diyas


Option 2:

Small Diya + Big Diya


Option 5:

1 Big Diya + Cards + Flowers


Option 3:

Envelopes + Cards + Flowers + Diyas


Option 6:

6 Diyas + Cards + Flowers

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