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  • Does PopBaani organize webinars and meet-ups outside of business?
    Yes! PopBaani's motto is to spread positivity and love through their art and the knowledge of the same. Apart from running a successful business, a lot of attention and time is put into organizing easy-to-understand workshops for all ages, especially for people who want to build a career in art or children who have a knack for the arts. It ranges from Madhubani to Fashion Illustrations. We do workshops for children and adults alike!
  • Does PopBaani work on commissioned art products and orders?
    Absolutely! You can absolutely trust us as we have completed around 100+ commissioned orders of Mandala paintings, Madhubani paintings, Portraits, and so much more now. We have also set a record of never leaving any room for dissatisfaction.
  • What is our vision when it comes to 'Art-Education'?
    PopBaani was started with a vision to introduce people to the subtle and fascinating art form of 'Madhubani'. We aim to create enthusiasm in the children and youth around us and help them explore and nurture their artistic sides through the medium of ‘Art Education’.
  • Does PopBaani advertise on their socials and website?
    Yes. We actively advertise our artworks and products, handmade and 100 percent environment-friendly. Do check them out here: If you need help in advertising your own artworks, we're here to help. You can contact us at or WhatsApp us at +91-7258888315.
  • What is the method of getting your artwork featured as a guest post on PopBaani’s socials?
    PopBaani loves supporting and learning from other artists. In order to get your artwork featured, follow the given steps: 1) Follow us on our social media platforms at: a) b) c) d) e) 2) Send us an email at and mention a) Your inspiration behind the work b) Materials used for the artwork c) Mention how we can tag you
  • Why should you sell on PopBaani?
    -enter infographic diagram -affordable package pricing -social media marketing training (only for premium) -photography training (for all packages) -workshop conducting training (premium and basic) -larger audience base to reach out to
  • Why should you buy from PopBaani?
    -affordable pricing -hand made to order(free consulting sessions available) -biodegradable materials sourced from sustainable brands -referral system to gain extra credit for future purchases -customized orders allowed -secure transactions -creators of products have been practicing their art for more than a decade
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