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A Walk to Remember

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

A Walk to Remember movie

There are people who, especially during difficult times, rekindle our confidence in humanity and the existence of a higher power. 

They leave us perplexed as to how someone can be so compassionate and kind, even causing our inner cynicism to doubt their sincerity.

Jamie Sullivan was one of these people.

She was someone you knew had been particularly sent, and as a result, she was called back far too quickly.

They travel down a meandering path full of plot twists. 
Ending with tear beds and tissues.

"A Walk to Remember" is a love story that is so lovely, real, and upbeat that it gets past the ironic barriers that have been built up in our age.

It narrates the narrative of a relationship between two 18-year-olds, which is summed up when the guy tells the girl's skeptical father:

"Jamie believes in me. She inspires me to be unique. Better."

After all of the crude crudities of the usual modern teen film, this film is one that intently pays attention and realizes that not all teenagers are as cretinous as Hollywood portrays them to be.

A Walk to Remember review

"A Walk to Remember" is just what its title implies:

Mandy Moore, a pop sensation, injects young fire through her heartbreaking depiction of Jamie.

Shane West cultivates a remarkable nuance and depth as he fleshes out "bad kid" Landon.

They travel down a meandering path full of plot twists. 
Ending with tear beds and tissues.

jamie sullivan

Jamie Sullivan is a true gem.

Kind, empathetic, and modest, but also smart, forceful, and determined.

She is also a devout Christian.

She is the daughter of a Baptist preacher, although it does not define her beliefs.

She has her relationship with God; she is not simply a product of her surroundings.

Meanwhile, Landon Carter is a wretched teenager.

Sullen. Directionless. Unruly.

He doesn't realize it yet, but he has a spark inside him that is going to burst into flame.

Jamie is the one who lights that flame, but it is his personal spiritual journey that makes it shine.

al thompson
The narrative centers around Landon Carter (Shane West), a 17-year-old high school senior, and is set in the 1990s.

Despite being a popular youngster and great friends with Eric Hunter (Al Thompson), one of the most popular kids in school, Landon is aided by family troubles, most notably his father's absence in his life.

Despite his reclusive demeanor, Landon manages to ascend through the ranks and establish his popularity at the top.

After being admonished for his after-school misbehavior, Landon is compelled to perform in the school play.

He hesitantly seeks Jamie's assistance with his lines.

He's hesitant to tell any of his buddies that he's spending time with the far-too-plain-to-be-cool Jamie at first, but that quickly changes.

A reluctant dance date with Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), an oddity in Landon's opinion, takes the plot in unexpected directions.

While Landon is a dynamic, good-looking student body president, Jamie is pious by nature, often carrying a Bible and dressed in an enormous, boring sweater.

jamie and landon

However, when these two people's worlds mix, new experiences and perspectives emerge.

The disparity in their hierarchies inevitably comes to the fore, but it isn't the only thing that deters their connection.

Jamie and Landon are irresistibly brought together from their two divergent worlds. 

From their initial encounter, romantic love appears to be unavoidable for the couple.

As Landon learns more about Jamie's illness, the tale becomes more basic but deep, genuine yet strange.

"A Walk to Remember" is an answer to Hollywood's fervent disdain for Christian ideals.

For teenagers, onscreen "coolness" and validation are nearly invariably gained through a rejection of parental authority, moral norms, and spiritual beliefs. 
Jamie Sullivan does this while remaining true to her faith, her father, and her ideals. 
She never makes a concession. 
She never makes a u-turn. 
And in the process, she has a significant impact on everyone around her.

Author: Akash R. Ekka

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