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Workshops:  Madhu Kala - Madhubani

1) art awarness programe
2) connecting with nature
3) women empowerment
4) cultural preservation
5) unleashing the creativity between you

1)where this art form is used to create awareness on social issues and women empowerment.
2) Madhubani paintings continue to primarily depict the nature and the themes are generally associated with Hindu deities, fish, birds, animals, natural objects like the sun, moon and religious plants like Tulsi.
3)Madhubani Paintings is a communal activity that has broken caste barriers, empowered women and ignited in them ecological concerns.
4)The paintings reflect the cultural heritage of Bihar in the older times and the creativity that resided in the minds and hands of the people who designed this unique graffiti which continues to attract a large number of people even today.
5) characterized by symbols and figures, usage of everyday materials unleashes the creativity even from the scratch materials.

Pattachitra Painting


Ready to get lost in the world of Patachitra (3).png

Program Offerings

1) Connects you with religion.
2) Know about the old traditional art forms.
3) To know about the theme and style.

Program Offering Descriptions

1) Pattachitras include religious, mythological, and folk themes.

2) The traditions of Pattachitra paintings are more than a thousand years old.

3) The theme of Odia's painting centers around the Jagannath and the Vaishnava sect. The subject matter of Patta Chitra is mostly mythological, religious stories, and folk lore.

Landscapes using watercolor

1) Watercolour Teaches You to Be Intentional.
2) Watercolors encourage us to view the world differently.

1) From broad backgrounds to fine details, practicing painting improves hand-eye coordination.
2) Watercolors encourage us to really look before we translate what we see onto paper.


Gond Art

1) A tribal touch.

1) Gond art is an age-old art from and has been passed down from one generation to the next.


1) Meditative exercise.
2) Peace and tranquility.
3) Deep connection.

1) A meditative art form that helps one rejuvenate, release stress, develop focus, and find inner self.
2) The way all the shapes and designs are laid out brings a feeling of balance.
3) Mandalas make it easier to connect with the most intimate parts of yourself. That will help guide you along the path of self-knowledge.

Warli Book Accessories

Warli Postcards

Pichwai Art

Lippan Art

1) Lippan designing
2) Traditional glory
3) Motifs from everyday life

1) It is used to embellish the interior and exterior walls of the circular adobes that these communities live in.
2) Lippan Kaam or art has evolved over the century and now artists are trying to keep it alive by choosing the modern route.In order to decorate and beautify their homes, women used mud and cow dung to create motifs on the walls.
3) You can also find Lippan kaam in specific parts of house like kotholos - storage granaries, sanjiros - large storage areas for valuables and clothes , pitara - a chest and kithos - silos of grain storage.

Warli Art

1) Natural - cultural relationship.
2) Symbolism
3) Traditionalism
4) Connecting with nature.

1) Warli painting use a set of basic geometrical shapes such as circle, triangle, and square which represent nature.
2) The symbolism in Warli art represents the circle of life. and usually depict scenes of human figures engaged in activities like hunting, dancing, sowing and harvesting.
3) Known as folk style of painting warli tribe is one of largest adivasi tribe made by tribal adivasi people also known as Warlis.
4) Deeply connected with nature, everything about Warli Art is earthy and soothing. It takes you back to the painting's origins, and makes you admire the centrality of nature to the lives of the Warli people.

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