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Rising from Ashes painting features a captivating Golden Phoenix acrylic artwork, symbolizing transformation and rebirth. Crafted with meticulous detail, it exudes a sense of awe and inspiration. Elevate your space with this high-quality painting that captures the essence of resilience. Perfect for art enthusiasts and those seeking transformative energies in their environment. Limited availability, so seize the opportunity to own this powerful piece of art that ignites a spirit of positive change.

Is it a print?:- No
Dimensions:- 50 cm x 60 cm
Framed or not:- Up to Choice

Rising from Ashes: Captivating Golden Phoenix Acrylic Painting for Transformatio

PriceFrom ₹7,986.60
  • This painting has been made using the following materials:

    • Artist-Grade 300 GSM Paper
    • Artist-Grade Water Colors
    • Basic stationery
      (Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, etc.)
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