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How does popbaani help you monetize your artistic journey?


1. Choose a path

Choose a path of monetisation to open up the different membership packages.

2. Complete registration.

Register yourself as an artist by filling up a form according to the membership chosen.

3. Cha-ching!

You are ready to monetise!

Great platform for artists to showcase their artwork to a wide audience along with workshops & exhibitions.

A great stage for every artists to reveal their creativity. Artists are getting great support due to PopBaani!

A very stable and safe platform for blooming enthusiastic artists and for buyers as well. Do check it out if you still haven't!

So far we've helped 350 artists start and grow a successful artistic empire.

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Our memberships are perfect for -


Beginner artists with no prior experience

Use the most efficient and risk-free way for serious artists to become successful art entrepreneurs.



Intermediate artists with some experience in selling and conducting workshops 

Advanced Artists who want to level up their business and reach to high-ticket clients

Learn about tactics and strategies to land customers, students, and much more.

Get to know the behind-the-scenes of a successful Instagram business account and replicate it for your business.

Discover our flexible memberships.

Unlock your art's full potential with our user-friendly, customizable services. No matter where you are in your artistic journey, we have the perfect solution for you!

🥉Bronze Membership (FREE)

Begin your artistic journey with our Bronze Membership!
Sell up to 2 products and host 12 paid workshops—all at no cost.
We guide you from creating product shots to pricing, shooting videos, and shipping. Successfully sell, and we'll showcase your products in an online exhibition.
Your creative adventure begins now—let this be the catalyst for positive change! 🚀


🥈Silver Membership (₹ 2000)


Unlock artistic success with our Silver Membership, the ultimate starter pack for experienced artists!
Learn everything from commission
orders to launch your entrepreneurial journey. Trusted by 100+ artists, including those with stable sales of 30,000 to 1-2 lakhs, this membership ensures growth, increased online presence, and a journey beyond imagination. Start your artistic entrepreneurial adventure now! 🎨💼🚀

🥇Gold Membership (₹ 4000)

Unlock unparalleled support with our Gold Membership!✨
Elevate your art business for 12 months with exclusive perks: access to Silver Membership content (₹2000), personalized feedback on exhibits/artworks/workshop sessions, daily Q&A sessions, 1:1 exhibit/artwork/workshop sessions, a private Telegram channel, and more.
Join us and accelerate your artistic journey!


Hi, I'm Rachita Biswas 👋🏽

popbaani is my brainchild, started in 2019 when I was still studying Computer Science Engineering. Back then selling art through Instagram was just a passion project while I was studying to become an engineer.

But my page kept growing and with that, I kept investing more time into building the perfect pipeline to create art, land customers and eventually make a sale.
In 2020, 5 artists joined me to test the pipeline and soon after I converted the art-selling page to a fully functioning business.
The site that you’re currently on.

Fast forward to today.

  • I've been able to quit my job and become an entrepreneur, artist and Social Media Content Developer full-time.

  • I have been able to work with 50+ major clients, including 2 construction giants and the Tirupati Temple

  • Over 2,000 people read the popbaani weekly email newsletter

  • I have created a foolproof streamline for starting the perfect, creation-to-sale channel to give you the best shot at growing as an art entrepreneur.

If you plan on starting your art entrepreneur journey, this is the correct place to begin 

Scroll down to check out the different membership programmes under popbaani.

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