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A call for help gave me a passion!

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

PopBaani is truly the brainchild of a depressed Rachita. 

The story is only two years old and I hope to tell this story for many more years. There came a time in my life where everything seemed to be pointless, including my own life.

To add to the heartbreak, I lost one of my favorite human beings to suicide.
It had become almost impossible to come out of my sad routine despite the numerous sleeping pills and "talking" sessions.

popbaani beginning

My sister, the brightest beacon of hope in my life, suggested me to take up art once again.
Little did I know that art therapy was going to fuel my passion one day.

I had created a lot of art for myself in that period in order to get rid of my negative feelings.

In the 21st century, nothing is important until you have made an Instagram post out of it or shared it with your friends.

After a round of sharing and a lot of appreciation, the idea of selling the artworks was suggested by yet another close friend.

By this time, I had gained the confidence to step out of my room and actually talk to people instead of staring at their faces or at the walls.

I started contacting some friends and asked for design ideas and then sold them bookmarks based on their ideas for a minimal cost.

Soon, outstation orders were placed and I had a thriving business flow where every single thing was taken care of by me- from designing to posting the products.

Today, I have an old friend and a new angel of a friend helping me take care of the business along with the creation of new designs and paintings.

It does get overwhelming at times but I am really happy to be doing what I am doing right now. The positive reviews that I receive from customers keep me constantly pumped.

Creating and believing in things and the way in which they work in... I guess that is what matters at the end.
This is definitely just the beginning.

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