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The Ganesh is the symbol of happiness prosperity and peace and he is popularly known as the elephant god. 

He removes all obstacles and brings loads of prosperity and happiness into the house.

He is always remembered at the start of a new journey.

Lord Ganesh gives us five lessons: duty is above all else, take a stand for your self-respect, nobody is more important than your parents, forgiveness is the ultimate purity, and always fulfill your responsibilities.

Lord Ganesha is also the god of accomplishment and wealth. 

His image is lucky and according to Hindu mythology, lord Ganesh should be worshipped at the beginning of something new.

Ganapati mandala is very lucky for your home because it brings positivity and good luck. 

Ganesh mandala painting and simple Ganesh mandala are of great significance and virtue. 

In the Indian culture, gifting lord Ganesh imagery or paintings in any kind of festive season or at the beginning of a religious occasion is believed to be a good omen.

Lord Ganesh mandala is available at our shop. 

If you desire to endow a special Ganesh yantra mandala or mandala of Ganesha you can order it online from

Various designs of the Ganpati mandala are accessible here.

Mandala of Ganesh is a unique art piece with various compositions of masterpiece glimpses.
The imagery gives optimistic traits.

Ganapathi mandala is extensively demanded.
It has its special implication.
Lord Ganesha, the son of god shiva and Parvati is also the deva of intellectuality and wisdom.

Mandala Ganpati will keep your surroundings replenished with happiness, love, prosperity, good health and safety, and achievements with motivational power.

We have a Ganpati mandala for cars as well. 

If you desire to purchase different kinds of Ganapathi mandalas or paintings you can contact us.

Handmade Ganesha Dot Mandala Painting FOR SALE

₹4,457.00 Regular Price
₹3,788.45Sale Price
  • This painting has been made using the following materials:

    • Fabric Colors
    • 300 gsm Artist-Grade Paper
    • Basic stationery
      (Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, etc.)
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